Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye Mattie

Mattie was put down just a few minutes ago.
I'll tell you more when it's not so painful.
i love you

I don’t mean to expose Kimberly’s broken heart, here on the walls of Chatterbox, but I hope through these walls we can remember, commiserate, share, love and put to rest the life of Mattie, the Sab-Cha Cat.
It is natural to expect that we will comfort each other when we lose a person near and dear to us, but we are not allowed to grieve as such when it is our pets.  I remember when Nava died and feeling the sadness within the Regas family and Michael’s touching tribute.   I so wanted to let them know that I understood.

Mattie has been with Kim and Tom from shortly after they began their lives together 20 years ago.   Mattie warmed the hearth of their first home and taught them how wonderful it was to expand their love for each other.   Seeing that love to fruition, Tom and Kim laid Mattie to rest today.  She had stopped eating, was labored in her breathing and after the veterinarian did all he could this weekend, they bravely went back this morning and on his advice took Mattie out of her misery.  Make no mistake, this is such a kind, loving and terribly hard thing to do.

Pretty soon the family will smile instead of cry at the thought of Mattie, who gave so much pleasure and so little displeasure; but today we will all mourn her loss and feel sad about the pain in the hearts of Tom, Kim, Andrew, Emily and William.  If you need to talk about Mattie, you can put it here on Chatterbox, we would love to listen.

This is to Mattie, the Sab-Cha Cat, thanks be to God for the Gift!
(A strong genetic background for longevity can't be discounted. Given proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary visits, a cat kept indoors can live as long as 21 years or more. (The average age of cats is 12-15 years) This is, of course, barring any serious medical conditions or untimely accidents…You gave Mattie a good life!)


tschafee said...

Thank you, Mimi. Mattie will be so missed. It's hard to say goodbye to our first family member, added over 18 years ago. She led a good and full life and was relatively healthy up until just a couple weeks ago. Now she is at peace. Goodbye, Mattie.

Judy said...

Mattie has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and will be able to play will all her friends again with out pain. Think of the fun she will have.

From a fellow pet lover


Anonymous said...

There is indeed a hole in our family now. But I'm now officially that person who scary cries over animals.
Who knew??

I love you. And I'm thankful for you--everyday.

Queenie said...

I am so sorry about you wonderful
pet of 18 years. She was just another member of the family. But like Nana, I know what it is
to suffer.
Thank God for the love she gave.