Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sing me to Heaven

If I could give but one lasting gift, in this life, it would be that of a close family, one that eats, plays and prays together, as well as supports each other in time of grief or need...

Upon returning from Italy ( blog soon to follow) I  washed, repacked and rushed to Tennessee so as not to miss an extended family gathering to fellowship, eat and sing, in support, joy and love of one another.  For me it was also a way to sing my Aunt Dot to heaven.

In response to aching silence, memory summons half-heard voices
and my soul finds primal eloquence, and wraps me in song.

At my sister and brother-in-law's lovely home, everyone brought their favorite covered dish, added it to a warming drawer packed with fried chicken and a marble counter top covered with delectable desserts.  Then as the numbers grew, so did the fun; we hugged and kissed, caught up with each other's journeys, and we each caught the hands of the newest member as she happily showed off her new footsteps.  Suddenly my heart leaped  I when I heard the music began to play and slowly, along with the laughter, Jesus became the  center of our praise.

I looked around that room, seeing my childhood flash before of my eyes:  my uncle sitting at the piano singing in familiar cord, several of my precious Aunts who showed me by example what a woman should be, my mother, brother and sister who remain forever part of me, cousins staying true to family traditions and the newer generation that finds something comforting about what is now the, "old ways".

If  you would comfort me, sing me a lullaby,
If you would win my heart, sing me a love song.

If you would mourn me and bring me to God,
sing me a requiem, sing me to Heaven.

I laughed, I remembered, I was touched...and I ate too much!  Oh, rejoice families!  Make every effort to keep strong the ties that bind.  Then you too, from time to time, can also be sung to heaven (bathed in love) right here on earth.

Thank you, Tennessee family for singing your hearts outs and letting me join you once more by making my joyful noise!  Softly I sang for Jesus and Aunt Dot.

Dedicated to "Uncle", who for a lifetime, has played our music and has given us a song for every occasion.

  Thank you, thank you...


juju said...

Absolutely, well said and Ditto to all you have blogged! I thank you made it even sweeter than it was. I am so glad you came all that way to take your talent of blogging and videoing to present such a tribute to Aunt Dot, Family, Friends and our Precious Uncle Kenneth and the great tradition of song he has instilled in us all. Hopefully, we can continue theses allsings at least once a year. Let's get it on the calendar! Yes, We did sing Aunt Dot to Heaven and it uplifted us all.

lopsqueen said...

It is gratifying to us that we can now keep our love of family, music, and our love of food, and friends recorded on our blogs, which can be transferred to a DVD
for the next generation.I can see my father in my brother sitting at
the piano. Of course Dad would be
standing in a door way somewhere smiling knowing his efforts in the field of music had paid off as his children played and sang. He did not take too much time away from his reading, just enough to acknow-
ledge his happiness.I also see a little of my mother in my own self, one who sang all of her life
and loved how her love for music
had been passed down. Was just great to have in our extended family,John's wife's parents who
have been singers a long time. The
Vanhooks added much to our enjoy-ment at our All Sing.
Thanks to all who came and perhaps
next time there will be more there
who bring their great voices ready
to let the song out of their heart.
The weather was perfect and the song of the cacades,sp,was a proper
accompaniment to our voices.
Great blog Merry.

Uncle said...

Merry -
Read and re-read several times your blog about our family time together. Then, I spent a lot of time composing an appropriate, well-thought-out, perfectly stated
comment, then Goggle wouldn't take my password and my response went into the land or no return, and I had neither the energy nor patience to create another such
masterpiece. But, in that lost treasure I did acknowledge Judy and Lou for hosting; the new generation of 'family singers' for always being there and performing beautifully;
Merry, for making such a beautiful record of our family gathering; Gwen and Polly for giving us one more time of sibling togetherness; and everything about the occasion
except for the tottering old man with the quivering voice and stiff fingers plucking at the piano - but, he looked like he was enjoying every minute - as most tottering old
men do, regardless of what's going on. Thank all of you for this and everything.
Bro; Uncle.

fweakijam said...

Every time I revisit these videos I still get such joy! Thanks to all our marvelous singers, especially, Hugh, Mike, Nicholle and Uncle (also John and his family quartet!).