Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I love being a MOTHER....

I am so grateful to have daughters that are wonderful MOTHERS...

...and I am blessed to have the extraordinary women, that God chose for me, to be my MOTHER.
Being the mother to my two, having the gift of Terr's three and then the unexpected blessing of our one; has truly been the most important,
hard and wonderful thing I've ever done and continue to do.
If I do nothing else in this lifetime...
this alone has been such a joy and honor to me.

To my mother, I salute you because I understand a mother's heart and I know you have it and passed it along to me .
I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, knowing that your children are well pleased.

Hugs and love to the special mothers in my life,


family said...

I commanded this Mother's Day blog to be posted on Sunday, the proper day to celebrate the mothers in my immediate life. It didn't and I couldn't fix it from where I am in Italy! I am hoping this works from my iPhone. Anyway, at home or far away I couldn't love and honor you more.

We're having a wonderful time. Tell you all about it soon!

My love,


Beth said...

Happy belated Mother's Day!! I hope you are having an amazing time in Italy and can't wait to hear all about it.

Love you,

Queenie said...

I hope you injoyed your Italian
Mothers Day, and didn't have to
walk too much. My least favorite
food, Italian, but I am sure you find stuff you like and will be imitation it when you get home.
enjoy every moment of this trip and especially be thankful that you have these days with Terr.
What a blessing to be able to have him one on one for two weeks. This is what I always enjoyed, being wih Leonard all the time.
I love you so very much.