Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blessings, blessings and more blessings!

Wow, a lot has gone on this past week in this big wonderful family of ours! I don't know everything, but let me tell you what I do know and can remember.

An uplifting part first...Emily was a helper at Vacation Bible School and William was a participant. Each day, they brought home smiles and different names and meanings for our Lord, Jehovah Jireh. On closing day, this Friday, they both were examples of what God can do.

Andrew had to miss VBS this year because he had an opportunity (after auditioning) to grow his skills through a professional Drama camp at the Cobb Performing Arts Center. He has had an intense week, from 9 to 5 each day, rehearsing for a Sunday afternoon performance. Break-a-leg Andy!

Wednesday night, Mimi was honored at a delicious dinner given by daughter Kim (and husband, Tom), assisted by daughter-in-law, Mary. Everyone took part in every perfect detail, food, cake, gifts, cards, posters and the most generous gifts of love.

Calls and emails topped off my day of a Birthday of happiness. Thank you, all!!

The week ended with Joe traveling to Cooperstown NY for the Nationwide and Regional Youth Baseball Tournament.

His team name for the week is:
Dunwoody Devil Rays...
Webcast games are:
Monday-1:45 and 7:00

(If you remember, Ford had a great experience at Cooperstown last year.)

Good luck Joe Man!

Then today I got a phone call from a proud Mama telling me about a very happy young lady who took first place in her rock climbing competition in Richmond, VA! Way to go, Morgan!

Yeaaaa Grands!! I know the same thing is going on in California, too. We love following what you are doing and are glad to see you are participating in life's games, and you're doing it very well!

P.S. I understand that Isabelle has a perfect report card in elementary school and hopes to extend it for the rest of her elementary years!

And William landed his first, 1st Place Ribbon in his swim team's competition!

Congratulations to all!

Wow...and tomorrow Nana has a BIRTHDAY!

That's a lot of goodness in one week!


juju said...

All this in a week. Makes my head spin. Great job kids and Happy Birthday, Mer

pie rox said...

makes my head spin, too, Aunt judy! ....... but a joy watching this children grow into who God has called them to be.......