Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

This blog has been temporarily commandeered to wish its brilliant author a very happy birthday today!

Mom, you continue to inspire all us kids with your loving heart, industrious hands and creative spirit. May we celebrate your beautiful life for many years to come.

With joy, love and gratitude,

Your Kids


Queenie said...

Amen and Amen to that ! Happy Happy
Birthday dear daughter. I am so
sorry I did not get your little
gift mailed, but I think that is the
way we do it. Hopefully you will be
by here soon.
Until then please enjoy your day
and remember I celebrated my
20th birthday while in the hospital
bringing you into this old world.
What a wonderful experience, you
are special.

family said...

Great post, Sister! i am so grateful to mom-who has given us all her years--full of grace and love. Thank you for another year of celebration!!!!!!

tschafee said...

happy birthday. thanks for sharing it with us out in our neck of the woods. good to get together to celebrate you.

juju said...

From the looks of this picture, you are more than ready to take on your sixty something year. Hope your Day of celebration was perfect in every way. Happy Birthday, Sis

fweakijam said...

I am touched and flattered. All that I am comes from those that I love and you have made me more that I thought I could be. Thank you the attention you gave me today on my birthday. I enjoyed every minute of it. It has indeed been a happy day!

Tonight, Mary brought a delicious salad to Kim and Tom's, who served a delicious birthday dinner topped off with a yummy dessert. Then there were sweet cards and perfect gifts from the children and grandchildren that were there. (I could live on this day, alone, for another year!)

P.S. Kim, your sweet touch was everywhere today and Kate...thank you for the time spent over the phone together.

family said...

Not only that, she's hot! Grandad.

family said...

nice, grandad.