Saturday, March 27, 2010

Morgan vs The Climbing Wall

This morning, at 6 A.M., Molly and Morgan headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee for Morgan’s third Red Point Rock Climbing Competition. (If I understand correctly a climber must go to at least three local (Red Point) events before moving on to the next level of competition.) This day, in her category, Morgan came in FIRST in DIFFICULTLY and SECOND in SPEED! Congratulations to Morgan for a very successful day on the climbing walls. If she continues to have these successes, she will qualify for the Nationals again this year!


Queenie said...

Now how cute is that?

pie rox said...

Molly, your support in the background makes me smile! Rock star.....very funny yet appropriate all at the same time!
Go, Morgan. Climb like the wind.....

Anonymous said...

who is pie rox? I pushed that by mistake....but who is it??An imposter I fear????

Queenie said...

Again pie roc is Em, isn't it.
Or am I way off.