Saturday, March 13, 2010

Plays, Skiing, Student Teaching, Baseball and MORE!

What a weekend! First of all, Terr was on a trip to Salt Lake City where he got to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and dine with lots of interesting mediators as well as sit in on informative meetings...but while he was gone:

Kim was down with pneumonia. (Thank God she is feeling better!)

William stayed a couple of days with me.

Mike and Joe returned from a week of skiing/snowboarding.

Mary and Isabelle returned from a week's visit with Issy's Aunt Carol, where she got to spend four days as Carol's assistant teacher.

Molly took Morgan to her rock climbing competition in Charleston, NC. (I haven't heard the results yet.)

Shannon and Ford had a Florida vacation involving lots of spring season baseball games, tennis and hanging out together. Then Ford headed out to California to see Keegan and Aidan in a production of the fabulous play for boy actors, "Oliver"!

WOW! I heard that the only thing better than Keegan's (Artful Dodger) singing was his acting! He looks like a natural to me! We are so looking forward to seeing the whole production on video where we can also witness Aidan in the chorus of boys (foreground in the video).

I'm wondering, can a grandmother get any prouder? I hope not, I might burst!


droiddoes said...

Keegan, there is no doubt you share the Croft passion of acting......brilliant.
Aunt Kim

Queenie said...

Keegan's eyes in the film were so
like Nitabell's. Also Anne's
Please look again and see if I am
Makes me think of all the special
time we spent with Nitabell the last
ten years or so.