Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kim at Work

Yesterday, I went to ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) with my decorator/designer/daughter from Regas Interiors - Kim Regas herself. This morning when I was thinking about blogging, I realized once again that she had had me so engaged in what we were looking for that I forgot to take pictures of this precious woman doing one of the things she does best. I promised myself last time we journeyed into her world that I would do just that, so I could share it with you here. Well, pictures or no, I'm sharing anyway!

What maddening conditions Kim has to work under! Her creativity is always limited by the client's financial means, color taste, style and time frame, not to mention personality. Then she has the limitation of her own personal schedule: she has to meet the needs of the ever-present carpool line, afternoon snacks and motherhood. I watched her tackle this task up close yesterday, always acting as if she had all the time in the world, always greeting everyone in the showrooms with a warm demonstration of respect, kindness and professionalism and always, always being patient and understanding with me. She worked so hard giving me all the time I needed, trying to hear what I wanted and turning it into reality without letting me make big mistakes.

When another client calls her cell phone (and they do frequently), she talks to them as though they are the only client she has, yet efficiently, without letting them know that she is busy and doesn't have time to talk. It's amazing. She has learned to keep good notes, remember names of showroom vendors and to keep up with what is new and old in the design world.

She also gives much of her time and talent away pro bono (and I get my fair share!). Last week, Kim's months of accumulative work came together helping the children's school with their annual fundraising auction/gala that provides the school with tens of thousands of dollars.

I watch all my daughters interact with their families and each other and I think they couldn't be any better. I hear about their great accomplishments in their chosen professions and know they are excellent at what they do, and it is a privilege to watch, to get a glance at the woman away from being a daughter, a wife, a mother. As exhausting as their lives must be, I think Hanna Montana doesn't have anything on any of them...they are the best in both worlds!


juju said...

Yes, That sums Kimbo up very well. She is one special lady!

Kate said...

That's my sissy. :) Keep on rockin' the town!

Queenie said...

That's my very first grandaughter
and such a talent.
How ever could I have such special
Christmas trees the past few years?
Not to mention a great Christian

family said...

Aww, I really needed to read that today. Thank you mom for being so supportive! That means so much to me. And I love sharing my world with you! No one knows me better.......I love you from the bottom of my little decorator heart......kim

tschafee said...

she is all that and more. i love to watch the mother side and get only some limited view of the designer side, though i see enough to know how incredible she is at what she does. thanks for sharing. thanks also, nana, for recognizing that she does all this as a lovely Christian lady. i love this woman and don't tell her enough how special and impressive she is at all she does.