Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phillies 4 - Pirates 2 !

I don't have the stats of this game but this guy (Keegan) looks like he can hit it out of the ball park!

And pitch too!! Look out Ford and Joe, I think you two may have more than a little ball throwing competition this summer at Grayton.

You know what I think...any fellow that looks up for the answers can't go wrong!

Note: I got these great pictures today from Keegan's ipod (?). I don't know how he sent them but I was tickled to see them. Thanks so much for letting us see you play!

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Queenie said...

It's a long trip to California
for a Saturday afternoon ballgame.
Check with Judy for extra miles.
What a cute little Phillie.

Kristin said...

Keegan was the relief pitcher for the last two innings. He'll know the stats better than I, but I watched him pitch two scoreless innings, striking out 4 batters, and catching the last hit to throw to first for the final out. It rained the whole game, but the Phillies hung in. A great game for opening day in Fairfax!!

Merry said...

Thanks Kristin for the inside information! Keegan looks so handsome and confident. I know you must be so proud of him.