Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Cousins, making a plan. It's a beautiful thing....

Columbus Day gave me the opportunity to spend some time with four of my grandchildren. Boy, did I enjoy their spirit and smiling faces.

Andrew is going into everyday rehearsals for the next three weeks. His play "Legend of Sleepy Hollow", opens the first weekend in November.

Emily is hard at work making crafts in her new craft room. She made a weasel for her Dad on his birthday!

Joe is having a successful season with the Rams and Issy is the perfect cheerleader!

Morgan traveled to New York (alone) to spend several days with Kate and Jeremy. I understand that they are having a ball. Can't wait to hear all the stories and see pictures from your trip!

William spends much of his time on the computer and loving dot-to-dot books.

Ford is busy excelling in his AP courses and on top of that, playing football with guys a million times bigger than he is!

No doubt Keegan and Aidan are into everything that the Fall is bringing their way... I miss you guys. Can't wait to see you during the holidays! Send me pictures!!

Mid-year school reports were excellent here in Atlanta, and I haven't heard anything but good news coming out of California.

I want a Halloween picture from all my Halloween SPOOKS this year. I can make a nine picture collage to proudly display on Chatterbox! Can't wait to see your choice of costume!

(Okay, Shannon, I want to see your costume too.)

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Kate said...

I love that picture of them on the trampoline...and the weasel is amazing :)

Queenie said...

So good to be able to keep up
with the younger generation through your blog. What little