Friday, August 15, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

Beautiful and touching words from my son today. I can't keep the tears from falling. May God give the Regas family peace that passes all understanding. - Mom

Dear Family: Sadness hangs over the Regas household today. After 11 years of joy, “Jasmine’s Navajo Jewell” (Nava) was laid to rest. Her poor body just couldn’t take it any longer. Nava did enjoy Chinese food with the kids last night and this morning, she and I ate fried egg and meatloaf sandwiches for breakfast. Her appetite was much stronger than her hips and body! When we walked in the vet’s office this morning, the girls behind the counter were crying as much as I was. Before we could walk back to a room, we ran into a very nice lady with a boxer puppy in the waiting area. She commented on how beautiful Nava looked in my arms; I guess she did not notice that I was crying or that Nava was not on a leash. I knelt down and let the boxer puppy lick and play with Nava. Nava stayed safely in my arms but I could actually see her smile as she and the puppy “boxed” one another. Normally, Nava shakes and gets upset at the vet’s office, even though the girls there are so kind and love on her. Not this time. I think she knew. Nava already is missed.



family said...

Thanks be to God for the Gift of Nava's life and the love and joy she brought to Mike, Mary, Joe and Issy, and all the rest of us through the years. Thank you, Mike, for sharing your last times with Nave. God Bless us, every one, and Nava, too. Terrence.

Kate said...

Thanks, Mom, for sharing Mike's tender words about beloved Nava. She lived a long and happy life in their family - I know they have loved her well, and she has loved them back. We'll all miss her.

Queenie said...

After our talk in November, Mike
I know even though it was a hard
thing for you, I felt that you were man enough for this job, yet
boy enough to shed a bucket of tears for Nava.
I am glad that Nava got to spend
the night with me in November '06
and November '07 so that I could
know her too.
Love to my Regas grands on a day
that is painful yet realistic.

juju said...

I have to let you know that your heart felt words brings tears to my eyes....Patrick and I put our dog to sleep not to long ago, and unless your a true dog lover, you don't understand the pain...I understand and will keep all of you in my thoughts. Patrick, eventually did get another great dane to be the last one's "brother" and although it sounds crazy...that is how the new one is preceived and it really has helped, but it took time. Nava was a beautiful boxer!!!!
Love, Abby

juju said...

I hope today finds your tears passing and sweet, happy, memories of Nava taking it's place. Love, Aunt Judy

tschafee said...

goodbye to nava. i know she will be missed by the regas family especially, but by all of us who knew her, even those who didn't get a lot time with her her. hope the family is healing well. you'll always have the memories of the joy she brought to the family.