Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Favorite Pics from Fweakijam 2008 from Merry Croft on Vimeo.

Fweakijam 2008 was big! It was so big that I just couldn't tell the story in just a few pictures. I deleted picture after picture and still my slide show went on forever. There were the trip pictures, the beach pictures, the billiard pictures, the pool pictures, the tennis pictures, the boot camp pictures, the game pictures, the dinner pictures, the kayak pictures, the art pictures, the Ya-Ya pictures, the family pictures, and the miscellaneous pictures...about 1,000 pictures to select from! I hope the ones I have chosen tell the story of our family vacation and I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did.

Note from Kate: (Thanks again everybody for a great week! Thanks to Dad for funding and organizing a great trip, Mary for booty camp, Keegan for killer stop-motion animation, Mom for hosting painting and movie time, Kim for exquisite pork and cheesecake, Beach Master Mike for fathfully erecting the tent every morning, Isabelle for giggling perpetually, Ford for the Soulja Boy dance, Molly for beach walks and good talks, Emily for great cuddles, Morgan for severe squeaking, Kristin for caffeinating and driving a million miles, Joe for red snapper and a good heart, Shannon for coming all the way back, Aiden for continuous commentary, Tom for photo-documenting all the great stuff we did, Jeremy for teaching all nine kids how to play pool, Andrew for pound cake and victorious chickenfights, and William for my superpowers of flying, being invisible, and also juggling. Love you all, Kate)

P.S. I worked for hours trying to add beach music and failed (darn itunes!). I got close and just ran out of time. Next time I'll do better!


Kate said...

Awesome slideshow, Mom - all fifteen minutes of it :) I know what a challenge it must have been to find pictures of me at boot camp that weren't too grotesque. ;)

Check out our flickr page ( - some folks have posted pictures there.

Love ya!

juju said...

Aunt Merry-
Your slide show is just great! I've been waiting all week for it. Thank you for sharing!!!
Love to you all!!!

family said...

Thanks to all who watch my 15 min. video, it's much better if you put a little beach music on in the background.;)
...and Abby, I love it that you share in our family adventures and support me by reading chatterbox. You are special to me and it makes me happy when I see your comments.


juju said...

Looks like another great family vacation. These memories will certainly hold the Croft family close for a life time. Great pictures! Enjoyed each and every one. --Looks like the perfect house for the occasion.

tschafee said...

great slideshow, mimi! obviously untold hours in the selecting and creating. much more time than the 15 minutes it takes to watch. thanks for the effort. a wonderful recap of grayton week. august 1, 2009 is only 51 weeks away!

family said...

great pics. i especially like the one of Kate and Jeremy. Could and should be an engagement picture! It's really good of them on the beach with their t-shirts on! Thanks for your wonderful work and the time it takes to create it. We love you. bo