Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A visit with Mama

 Boy was I blessed when I arrived at Mom's on Saturday night to fried chicken, homemade pimento cheese sandwiches and fresh sliced tomatoes from my sister's garden!  I know how hard that was for Mom to do and it touched my heart that she went to so much trouble.  She hasn't fried chicken in years and had to take frequent periods of rest to make this delicious meal for us.  It was not in vain, I enjoyed every morsel!
 Morning smiles are hard to put on her face, pain keeps wanting to interfere with her happiness, but this one she managed and, even without make-up, it becomes her.
 Again, Mom rose to the occasion when we (she, Judy, Louis and I) decided we needed to take a trip to Kentucky to see my Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bob.  They have been having terrible health problems but rallied, received us and we once again were able to love on each other.  Their lovely daughter, Sally was there caring for them and that was a bonus for us!
I thought brother, Hugh, and his wife Natali were at their mountain cabin but while we were gone they dropped by Mother's and we missed seeing them.  I wish I could have made that happen; spending time with my birth family is such a blessing to my life.  To this day, they feel like home.

I hope you always stay close to yours too.

My trip ended with a visit, with Judy, to her daughter, Abby's new home with her husband to be, Nate.  Afterwards we all went to a wonderful Tea House and talked of weddings and Abby's recent mission trip to Haiti.  I regret that I didn't get pictures of this, another memory made.

Thanks family for spending such quality time with me.  I love you for always.  (Hugh/Natili, come visit us in Atlanta! Better yet, come to the mountains and show us how to install some security cameras at the cabin. :))

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lopsqueen@aim.com said...

Thank you Mimi of nine, we did have such a great visit this past week end. Thank you for all you did for me while here, and for just hanging out.
I hope your vacation is all you want it to be, just remember time changes things and enjoy the changes.