Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good Mothers

For my dear Mama...

and my daughters who are Mamas...

I am forever grateful and humbled at my good fortune.  "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"

For the fine grown-up children who call me Mother, there are no words that can tell you of my love and devotion.  I sing your praises for continuing the tradition of a strong family.


Queentalks said...

How glad I am to have clicked on the box by accident. I had already looked once his a.m.
How can you top this, all those pictures of this beautiful woman!!!
Well that is a little exaggering a
bit, but it can be overlooked by the wonderful selection that you made with the music. Could not go wrong with my favorite people,
Il Divo. How beautiful, they even
make an old lady beautiful.Thank you for all the time that went into this post. Love to you and all your mothers on the post.
Thank you for loving. Mother

juju said...

Yes, Merry, you have certainly honored Mother with this wonderful video and you are certainly honored with with the wonderful young, beautiful mother's of your grandchildren. God has truly blessed !

fweakijam said...

Mom, Judy, my life is modeled after you.

Happy Mother's Day!


:+: Felly's :+: said...

Nana is the sweetest woman i ever known...she is very easy to talk to and very kind.

For this mother day, i wish her the best wishes, Healthy, wealthy and Happy ^__^

and Happy Mother's day to every Mother