Monday, July 04, 2011

4Th of July at Northcroft!

Some of us got together in the mountains for our annual 4th of July long weekend celebration and...

good food, 

 family fellowship,

 Shannon's birthday,

 and last but not least, to be amazed by the annual fireworks display; supplied and designed by, Grandad.
(picked out by all, lit and performed by Shannon and Tom).

The "supper" sparklers are a kid favorite that is exquisitely displayed, and danced with, prior to the fireworks show.
All fireworks are kept fairly close to the ground so as not to catch the forest on fire!
But the show packed a powerful punch in beauty and length!

The man of the hour!

Joining us this year, from England via Little Corn Island, was Kate's very special friend, Simon.  With his love of family and attention to the children, he fit right in!

He and Kate captured it all in one long exposed photography.

I love God, this family and our country.  Happy 4th of July, 2011!

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Queenie said...

What a lovely 4th of July celebration. As usual the fireworks looked great. At this very moment I can only think of Shannon's birthday cake, Yummy, looks as if he is about to hand me
a piece. DId you make Kim's cake???
Looks like her favorite, carmel.
Have fun with Will. He may like to take naps now and then.
My day was lovely too. # one grand-son and his beautiful family came by for just a little hug on their
way back to Atlanta. We had nice visit the afternoon they came through, with a promise to stop
just long enough for a hug. Issy gave me the most beautiful gift.
It was a silver watch on a chain to wear around my neck. Guess what it had on it, of course a Crown.
Be Happy