Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joe's Colts' Finish 2nd!

Joe waits to be called in to the game.

Saturday was the Atlanta Colts final championship game of the season. The Colts fought hard but were out-played by the opposing team and lost the final round. Joe had some good kick-offs and blocks and excited all the grandparents (5 of them in the stands!) with an exciting last play where he got himself wide open with hands raised to receive the quarterback's pass...he was in the right place at the right time...but sadly the ball was overthrown and went way over his head for an incomplete. :( We were all excited about what should have been.

Joe has had another good season and we are proud of his efforts. He is already into his basketball season but has had to miss several of his practices due to championship football games.

Congratulation to all Grands who finished, and finished well, their fall sport. (Write Mimi a note and send me a picture, I would love to enter it in the Chatterbox news!)

Other interesting happenings that have been reported to me is that Andrew and Emily both auditioned and got parts in the upcoming Spring Play at Wesleyan! Andrew also received a call from the high school director asking him to join the high school musical cast of Footloose. It seems they need a few more good singers and dancers to make a good show. With two plays and a musical review with his Saturday drama company; Andrew will have a busy winter!

Morgan is still rock climbing several times a week. Issy is playing basketball after just finishing her cheer leading season. Emily is taking an extra art class outside of school. I understand that Ford and Morgan are playing a lot of tennis with the pros! Keegan and Aidan have finished up their soccer season with Aidan's team going all the way to the championship play-offs! Aidan played Goalie...

Now, I've got to tell you...that's a lot to CHEER about!

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family said...

Well done, grandchildren. I know Ford's Fall Baseball season is over and he is keeping up his sessions on hitting, pitching and running. Andrew is swimming. What is William up to? I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Be safe in your travels. Love, Grandad.