Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catching up Before the Grayton Explosion!

Things have been so incredibly busy for the last few weeks that Chatterbox postings have been neglected. I can't even remember all the things I wanted to put in our memory bank, except for a few very special events that stand out in my mind...One is that FORD GOT HIS LEARNER'S PERMIT! Can you believe it? How fast our young ones are growing up. I pray God puts angels all around him every time he gets in a car and he will be a really safe driver. Congratulations Ford.

Andrew had a successful audition and earned a position as a cast member in the Atlanta Workshop Players company! This is in addition to being a member of the Wesleyan Players at his school. Congratulations Andrew!

Also, good wishes are in order to Andrew and Emily, because they tried out for cast of James and the Giant Peach today. I heard that their auditions went GREAT, but the cast is very small. Fingers crossed!

Let's see...Check out Regas Interiors in the September issue of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles! Kim's Decorator Showhouse room made the pages of this popular magazine. It should be on news stands next week. Congratulations Kimberly!

Grandad and I had a wonderful time watching Morgan, Molly and Ford rock climb at their new Rock Climbing facility, then afterwards taking them out for dinner and a double birthday celebration for Molly and Ford.

Issy and Joe had wonderful overnight camp experiences in North GA before our trip to Grayton Beach.

The Pedersen/Kelley family came to visit a few days before leaving for the beach. It was so good to spend some extra time with them. Kate surprised us with an early arrival, too; and we haven't stopped cooking yet! It has been so good to have all of you close.

AND...A huge Happy Birthday to our August-born children and grandchild! Mike (25th), Beth (16th) and Aidan (25th); God bless you and keep you always.

Now, for the beach trip...I'm going to do this a little backwards this year. I have hundreds of pictures to sort through; but for now, until I get some pressing things done, I will leave you with our traditional, family beach-ending song and dance to ponder. After days together, when things are coming to an end, someone starts the music, and all hurry to join in the Day-O conga line of goodbye. It was a glorious Fweakijam 2010. More to follow, but until then...Enjoy!


family said...


juju said...

If the week was as fun as the last night, It must have been a GREAT family vacation. Thanks for sharing

Queenie said...

Great post, Mimi
Successful vacation,no one hurt or
sick, and with that many that is a
blessing. You do a great job of
keeping us up with the family.
Thats great because that is as close as we can get to seeing them.

family said...

In the wall climbing picture, Ford is at the left side on the floor, belaying Molly, who is climbing. Morgan is high up in the center, near the top of the wall. She is belaying herself by clipping her rope to the wall attachments as she goes up. It is awesome to see! Grandad.