Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bragging Rights

Each year, Atlanta Magazine publishes Law and Politics' selections of the top lawyers in Georgia - the "Super Lawyers." The process of selection has several phases - Creation of the Candidate Pool, Evaluation of Candidates, Peer Evaluation by Practice Area, Final Selection and Before Publishing - during which candidates are evaluated using a long list of criteria. It is an honor to be selected.

For the past five years, our DAD lawyer (TLC) has been selected to be among this group. For the past two years, he was also listed in a special category: The Top 100! "These lawyers received the highest point totals in the Georgia Super Lawyers nomination, research and blue ribbon review process." Terrence has worked tirelessly in his efforts to be the best at what he does. I marvel at his professional work ethic and willingness to give back to the legal community. He has been part of every legal organization and has had a position of leadership in them all. Super Lawyer, you are my dear, and I salute you and your many years of dedication.

When this years publication came out last week, I got a phone call from Terr during office hours. Not one word was mentioned about him being listed as a 2009 Super Lawyer - and in his excitement, I didn't even ask if he was! - he was calling with pride at the good news that our son, Michael, made the Super Lawyer list, and he couldn't wait to share the news with me.

I knew just how he felt. Every once in a while when we run into Mike (and Mary) at a legal function, it takes my breath away to see my son looking so dapper, shaking hands, talking the talk and walking the walk. I nearly burst with pride when he introduces me to someone or Terr introduces him as our son. As Mike has made his way up in the legal world, more and more lawyers have mentioned his name to me and I feel proud to be his mother. A BIG congratulations to Mike for making such a good name for yourself professionally.

It is a privilege to see our children in their professional worlds. I hear Kristin's knowledge and confidence while on the phone with clients, when she is here visiting or on business. I know Beth has been studying for weeks to take the very difficult California bar exam this week and now has to wait to see what the future holds in store for her. Before that, she kept long hours as a tireless manager with The Princeton Review. Kim has a keen aesthetic eye, and is so savvy when we are at the Mart or ADAC and she is dealing with vendors. I love the way she talks to clients; so confident, patient and helpful. Tom is always up working late hours perfecting his work, and consistently delivers the best. Playful Shannon get so serious and sage when he is asked a question about a child's mental health, and Molly gets excited about everything that is happening at GA Tech; she is so dedicated to its excellence that raising money for the school seems almost a privilege. Mary tirelessly works at running a personal training business (which includes leading an exercise class in the parking lot before morning carpool), as well as giving many volunteer hours to the school. Plus, all these kids are 100% excellent at being good parents!

...and that leaves Kate...KATE GOT A JOB! SURPRISE!!! An update from her:

Big news! As of yesterday, I am officially a consultant/program coordinator for the Eat Well Guide, a Grace Foundation nonprofit supporting sustainable food systems. Sort of like a green food Google, the Eat Well Guide is a free online directory of thousands of US and Canadian family farms, restaurants, CSAs, and other outlets for fresh, sustainable, locally grown food. You can search by location, keyword or category to find good food, download beautiful customized guides, or plan a trip with the innovative mapping tool Eat Well Everywhere. Eat Well is also home to The Green Fork blog and the free print and online book Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement.

I'm excited about all the things I get to do there, from creating partnerships, to writing for the blog, to updating the book, to developing media kits, to maintaining and expanding the database, to attending conferences and events nationwide on behalf of Eat Well. My midtown office is a really positive, collaborative environment, and I'm looking forward to working with everyone there.

This all kind of fell into my lap, and I can really only call it a blessing. I was actually set up to interview for a clerical position in their sister organization, Sustainable Table, when I got a call from Eat Well's Executive Director, asking me to come in early and speak with her about a possible job opportunity. Imagine my surprise when I came in and found out that she was looking to hire a new coordinator, and that my name had come up!

I've had a lot of valuable time to self-evaluate and hone in on a career direction, and I'm grateful for it. Times have been tough, though, and I'm relieved to have somewhere to finally channel my energy. (I'm also relieved to be getting paid to do it!) So, Funemployment, it's been real - really, really real. But it's time for me to peace out. I've got to go to work!

We're shouting, "Kate! CONGRATULATIONS!"

From Kate, continued: A quick moment to brag on Jeremy's behalf - he's had a couple of major successes recently, as well! In addition to getting a front-page writeup in the Chronicle for Higher Education - complete with very handsome photograph - today, Jeremy gave an all-day workshop on creating an effective campus greening initiative at Northwestern University! NU hired him as an independent consultant, and the lecture and subsequent workshop (which was with a spectrum of NU folks, from students to staff to deans) were a huge success. NU even tried to hire him. I am so proud of him, and I hope that this can be a springboard for Jeremy to launch his career in green consulting!

So many people are having such a hard time in today's spiraling economy. I am so grateful you all are doing so well.

Thanks be to God.
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Catch, Bays and Birthdays

I have very fond memories of hunting dogs from my childhood. In a small town in Tennessee, my father raised them for a good friend of his, the town jeweler, Horace Jones. That’s the way I remember it anyway. It is a clear memory of puppy breath from excited lapping kisses, and later, chasing after the dogs all through town when they got out of their pen. They were housed in a room inside our garage. The room was connected to an outside pen. There was also a very small corner-room where the mother hound stayed while she was pregnant, giving birth and nursing her puppies. I remember going out and sitting with her, petting and talking for long periods of time. It upset me that she was often alone, fat with puppies or taking care of her litter.

At times, Daddy would catch us girls playing with the puppies, dressing them up in doll clothes and pretending they were human babies. On those occasions we got into a lot of trouble and were told that we were ruining the dogs and they would never be any good for hunting if we didn’t stop spoiling them!

Those puppies were such fun. They were black, brown and white, Walker Hounds, I think. They had long, soft floppy ears and big beautiful brown eyes. I've had a fondness for hounds ever since.

Anyway, lots more stories could be told, but what brought all this to mind was Saturday morning, when a mountain friend stopped by Northcroft to visit. He and his truck bed full of dignified hunting dogs were on their way up the mountain to hunt wild boar.
The Bay Dogs: Taco, R.D, Charlie, Henry and Rose, wore radio collars and were excited with the anticipation of getting to run. The Catch Dogs: Booger :), Timber, Patch and Cohutta. They hang back with their master on leashes, just waiting for something to be spotted so they can be released to move in for the kill. There was one old pro that lost an eye after he was released to kill a wild hog, but when he got there, it turned out to be a very angry bear!

These dogs had a purpose; they knew what it was and were well trained to do it. They were fit, happy and had an air of dignity as they patiently waited while their owner stopped to chat a while. I connected with them. I connected from my childhood, from the pages of The Education of Little Tree, and from the traditions of my people here in the mountains.

My father would have loved to stop and talk a while with us. That thought made me want to blog about it so I could spend a little more time with the dogs.


Later in the day, several more puppies came with their trainers (and I mean that in a good way!). Kim and the big kids came first to help prepare for William's 5th birthday party camp-out/in. We fixed up the shack for sleeping, as it was just too cold to be outside. Andrew set up a treasure hunt, while Mom and Emily set up the campfire-birthday cake and balloons, to greet the boys.

When they arrived with their Dads, William and his two little guests took off up the mountain on a quest to find the coveted Jelly Bean Tree, that only blooms on very special occasions - and that's only if you can find it! It took quite some time to find that tree, but thanks to their leaders' (Andrew and Emily's) sharp eyes, the mission was accomplished and there were enough jelly beans for the pick'n.

A fabulous treasure hunt followed (where individual survival kits were found), then a hike to the waterfall where a photo shoot took place; an incredible, glowing campfire cake (made by Tom); gifts, tent play, hot dogs and s'mores, and more, more, more!

Great dads (and mom!), great kids and a really special time. Can't wait 'till next year, William!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

William turns FIVE!

Happy Birthday to William!
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Monday, February 16, 2009


It was great getting hugs from all our Atlanta children and grandchildren over the Valentine's Day weekend. The basketball games were terrific! (I particular enjoyed sitting with Mike and Shannon because they are usually coaching!) And Sunday's are always made special when we spend time with the S-C family.

Each of you fill a special place in my heart and I treasure whatever time we share. Wish we could all share a big plate of pirate food together...THANKS MOLLY AND SHANNON for a fun dinner and beach memory. Can wait 'till Grayton!!

Speaking of lovers...

"Alan popped the question, that is, to his venture capital firm about opening an office on the West Coast. And they said, "Yes!" They have a few details to work out, but we expect Alan to begin spending more time in the Bay Area starting in March. He'll continue to manage both offices in New York and San Francisco, and commute on a weekly basis for a long, long time (a year or more). "

May all your dreams come true to our California children (and grandchildren)! It is great to see that Alan's job will support his move to CA. It's been many a long weekend plane trip, that He has endured, so that they could spend time together...

And to Beth, we pray that your bar exam studies are going well. We are thinking about you as you prepare.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Feel the love...

My family, my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ ~
I love you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Utmost Hightest

This past weekend Terrence headed for Northcroft, opened up the house, swept the porches, cleaned the gutters and picked up fallen limbs and sticks from the grounds. After Emily’s birthday party on Friday night, I headed to the mountains Saturday morning to join him. Together we worked on making another bench by the camp fire ring and enjoyed just being outside in the invigorating sunshine.

Saturday evening, T and I went into town for shopping, dinner and to see a play called Marrying Walt, by James Walt, at the Blue Ridge Community Theater. It was a lovely day and the place is looking better for William’s first camp-out birthday party later this month.

1. Kate's talking tree. 2. creek side. 3. view from the tree house window. 4. fire ring. 5. The tree Kate planted from a sprout. 6. the camp site.

Terr left Sunday afternoon to go back to Atlanta so he could rest and also review his cases for the following week. I stayed to enjoy a few more hours of mountain air and to clean up the cabin.

Sunday night I turned out my bedside lamp somewhere around 1:00 a.m... After my eyes adjusted I realized the night was illuminated by a wonderful full moon! Well, I couldn't stand it, it would be another month before I would get to see it again and then I might not be here, where the moonlight dances off the creek and lights up the tin roof of the cabin. I jumped out of bed, threw on my jeans, grabbed a headlamp and my camera and headed outside into the moonlight. For one hour my eyes took in the beauty of the mountain night…

My only regret was that I wasn’t familiar enough with my new camera to take better pictures, but I still wanted you to see and I still want to remember. Mimi

1. The full moon. 2. front porch. 3. cabin's reflection. 4. Merry getting the camera @ 1 a.m.. 5. candle lite . 6. cabin at night.

"We all have moments when we feel better than ever before, and we say, 'I feel fit for anything; if only I could always be like this!' We are not meant to be. Those moments are moments of insight which we have to live up to even when we do not feel like it. Many of us are no good for the everyday world when we are not on the mountaintop. Yet we must bring our everyday life up to the standard revealed to us on the mountaintop when we were there. Never allow a feeling that was awakened in you on the mountaintop to evaporate. " My Utmost for His Highest, (Daily devotional)

Friday, February 06, 2009


February 3rd (Keegan) and 5th (Emily) we celebrated two very special birthdays. We now have a couple of bran new ten year old cousins in the family!

Happy Birthday Keegan and Emily!

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