Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Date Was...7/2/66!

Last year on Dr. Shannon's birthday, he was at Northcroft, building a dam, panning for gold and eating peach cobbler for a birthday cake...This year I think he is going to be out on some baseball field, building the confidence level of Ford's team, cheering them on for a trophy and I do hope, sharing cupcakes with the players. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON....I'll have a rack of lamb waiting when you get time to eat it. :)

We love you,

-Mimi and Dad

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Henning and Our Neutrals in the News

Terrence Lee Croft received an Award for Distinguished Service from the Atlanta Bar Association for spearheading the successful Fellows of the Atlanta Bar Foundation program, which raised over $250,000 for the foundation. In June, Croft performed in COURTHOUSE LINE VII: LAWST, an original musical written, directed and performed by 60 lawyers and judges in the Atlanta Bard Association of the Atlanta Bar. Also in June, Croft will represent Atlanta at the Board of Governors’ meeting of the State Bar of Georgia, held in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

(The Law continues to give Dad/Grandad great energy to lead and contribute to that which he loves. I think the secret to eternal youth must be to love what you get up every day and do. Way to go honey, I'm always proud of you. -Merry)

Monday, June 18, 2007

60/80 Event Honoring Women

Kate wrote the article for the Watertown News Paper (Murfreesboro paper only reports on party's of over 100 people.).

For The Women Who Made a Difference in our Lives!
In what will go down in family annals as the party of the century, mother and daughter Gwendolyn Floyd Patton and Merry Patton Croft came together on Saturday, June 9th to celebrate their milestone 80 th and 60th birthdays. Gwen has been a resident of Murfreesboro for the last 48 years; Merry was born and raised here, and now resides in Atlanta with her husband Terrence and many of their children and grandchildren.

The girls-only event commemorated the women that have made a difference in the lives of the pair (though a handful of notable gentlemen contributors assumed an inconspicuous corner table); in attendance were many extended family members, high school chums, Sunday school comrades, Gwen's beloved coworkers from the Circuit Clerk's office, and cherished friends and loved ones from around the country. Ages ranged from Merry's three granddaughters, Isabelle, 6, and Morgan and Emily, both 8, to Gwen's sixth grade teacher and longtime friend Frances Mason, 96.

Murfreesboro's stylish Five Senses Restaurant hosted the festivities, serving guests a delicious three-course luncheon made from local, seasonal ingredients. The hydrangea themed decorations – towering cascades of flowers, artist-designed stationary party favors, and an elaborate cake – were inspired by Merry's personal artwork; name tags bore adjectives such as "generous" and "inspiring," lovingly selected by Merry and Gwen, describing their wearers. Harpist Patricia Wedemeyer set an elegant mood.

Merry's daughter Kim Sabonis-Chafee served as adroit party planner and designer of festivities.
The revelry began with gracious welcoming speeches by Merry and Gwen, a heartfelt prayer by sister and daughter Judy Gutting, and continued through lunch to a commemorative musical review performed by Merry's daughters Kim and Kate. A bouquet of toasts followed, closing with a nostalgic tale performed by storyteller Judy Cooper.

A touching tribute to the power women carry in each other's lives, this event celebrated a lifetime of love. Wow! What a party!! A very special thanks to Terr and my precious girls who made me feel so loved. You beautiful women top my life list.

-Merry, at 60 and 4 days...Happy Birthday Mom!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Reflection

My dear husband (and wonderful father) heard from all of his children this Father's Day. Your calls were a sweet blessing and made this day important. As we traveled home from a business week end in Ponte Vedra, we talked about you and how proud we are of the way you are living your lives. It has been such a pleasure being your parents.

This is the first moment I have had today to stop and reflect on my own dear Father. Boy, I was a lucky daughter and I thank God for sending me to belong to such a man. Thank you, Mama, for picking so well and for taking such good care of Dad.

I know you're watching Daddy...Happy Father's Day.
I love you,

Happy Father's Day!

We Love our Dads.
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Friday, June 15, 2007

"I am in the Army of the Lord!"

Look who finished Boot Camp at Vacation Bible School...and had a great time! Summer is looking good for these young soldiers.

Monday, June 11, 2007

We Climb to the Top of Everything!

I have a big post coming...telling all of you about the wonderful 60/80 Birthday Party that I shared with Nana this past week end, but while I am waiting for pictures and trying to gather all the memories of that wonderful event, enjoy my climbers!

No wonder we sore to the top of the world, we have courage and spunk. Just look at these climbers climb!

Kate leades the pack but the others are not far behind...

Keep climbing all you wonderful people, the view is good at the top...and I should know, I was there this past week end...For my 60Th birthday, I was loved and honored, along with my dear Mother, by some pretty special people. It doesn't get any better than that!

1. Kate 2.Keegan 3. Aidan 4. Andrew 5. Emily 6. Will 7. Morgan and Molly 8. Ford 9. Joe 10. Isabelle.
* Kate, note Ford is climbing in Rousillion!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Graduate

I just got the sweetest call from Grandson, Ford, thanking me for coming to his graduation this morning. It touched my heart to get that call almost as must as it touched my heart to hear his graduation speech. Ford was so poised, articulate and generous with the people he thanked. I was ever so proud!

Because Molly was on the Board of The Children's School, she had the honor of being specially called up on stage to present Ford with his diploma. It was a beautiful sight to behold...

My pictures aren't very good as we were pretty far back in the gym. (Pretty far back indeed but in front of Hank Arron!)

Congratulations, Ford! We wish you the best as you leave Morgan and The Children's School and move on to bigger and I hope better things at Woodward Academy.


Sunday, June 03, 2007


It doesn't get any funnier than a Hooter's Airline plane, crashing on a deserted Island, with a lot of lawyers headed on a firm retreat. The very same Island that once (some 30 years ago) imprisoned the Captain and Crew of the ill fated Minnow, better known as "Gilligan's Island".

Of course I am talking about the now famous annual "A Courthouse Line VII", put on by our own TLC and other fellow (attorney) actors, writers, producers, directors and choreographers of The Atlanta "Bard" Association.

Besides Lawyers "Lawst", there were Firm Staff running a law firm with out the burden of having lawyers around, *Airline personnel trying to find the owner of a can of Cheez Whiz, Cheerleaders with "talking sticks, *rumbles between Westlaw and Lexis leaders, the aging Cast-a-Ways (*TLC the Professor) and everyone's second favorite (not to surpass T's characters, of course), Pirates!

After weeks of long rehearsal hours, our Super Star was rewarded by giving a great performance and many adoring fans attending: Merry, Shannon, Molly, Morgan, Tom and Brenda Croft and friends, Tom, Kim, Andrew & Em, and all the way from Murfreesboro; Louis, Judy and his biggest supporter...Nana

The second night seating and production was much better for this Bard Fan (sorry Shannon, Molly and Morgan) than the first. I laughed until tears were streaming down my face and so did the rest of TLC's fan club. You could hear Kimberly all the way out to the lobby! A great night was had by all.

You did it again honey! "TA DA"

* (roles played by TLC)